Free Estimates 

We’ll answer your tree care questions as best we can over the phone. However, to best serve your tree removal or tree trimming needs, most situations should be seen to take the guess work out of it for both of us. If we can come to your yard, we can give you a more accurate price quote at no charge or obligation to you. Generally, the customer doesn’t need to be home at the time of the tree trimming or removal estimate. However, some customers prefer to discuss the tree care services in person, so we can come when it is convenient for you, including evenings or weekends. If we determine that your goal can be achieved with simply trimming your tree instead of the greater expense of a tree removal, then that is what we will recommend. Estimates are available 7 days a week.

Tree Removal

Q: How is it done? A: Our journeymen climbers are experts at taking a tree apart piece by piece. This method ensures that property damage does not occur. We have been removing trees from residential areas since 1973. In that time, we have removed trees from over thousands of houses, power lines, pools, decks and other property important to our customers. We will be happy to provide references in your area. 

Stump Grinding

We remove stumps by grinding. This is the standard process used by most municipality due to it's low impact to the surrounding landscape. A special machine is used to grind the stump below grade. The specific machines we use are light weight and are pulled by a small pickup truck to further reduce the possibility of damage to your lawn and landscaping.

Storm Damage 

We have extensive experience removing trees from on top of houses, inside of houses, in pools, on top of cars, on fences and from lakes. There are few situations we cannot handle. 

Tree Trimming 

When trimming your tree, we use methods recommended by the Washtenaw County Co-operative Extension Service to help ensure that the health of your tree is maintained. For example, we leave the "collar" of the branch (the junction of the branch and trunk) which has been shown to promote healing of the removed limb. 

Maintenance Program 

We can provide a full service program year around to keep your trees looking great and being healthy. We currently provide this service to multiple condo and home associations. Don't wait until you have problems to call us. This will also give you a priority in event of a big storm in the area.